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Tired of losing your luggage, scooter or bike?Just check’in, if your sailing boat has arrived safely?Ensure that your little one is at grandpa-grandma’s?There are many good reasons to adopt TiFiz, the tracker that helps you keep an eye on your belongings and geolocates them on a map.TiFiz is the first SIM less tracker and SIGFOX Ready ™ certified. It offers optimal and borderless connectivity, wherever the network SIGFOX is available. SIGFOX is the network dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT).
One battery for one year of full power!
Download TiFiz application and let it guide you. With this application you can easily connect your TiFiz tracker and customize your settings for your own usages. You may start to follow one tracker but can also add some more TiFiz if you wish to do so and follow several TiFiz from the same app.
TiFiz is a lightweight tracker, waterproof, all-terrain for all your outdoor activities.
TiFiz is suitable for extreme sports with isolated practices such as trail, kite-surfing or rallye.
TiFiz alert button - located at the center of the tracker - is a simple way to ask for assistance in case of emergency, press it and it will send a SMS geolocated to your designated contact.
TiFiz benefits: • Autonomy: SIGFOX is the first IoT network, allowing a very low energy consumption while ensuring continuous service. • Simplicity: easy to set up and to use, TiFiz can track all kinds of objects, vehicles and even people in their sports activities, especially if they are by themselves (sailing, kite-surf, trail ...). • Alert: TiFiz allows you to create a virtual zone, beyond which you will be alerted if your bag and the tracker attached to it is leaving the area. • All terrain: the tracker is designed to be resistant to shocks, sun, water and cold temperatures. • Security: an alert button to send geolocated SMS to designated contact. • History position: geolocated and dated routes, displayed on the Google Map application. • Custom: add time credit or subscribe directly from the application to access the services. • SIGFOX map: available on the website!/connected-world/sigfox-network-operator.
The excellent coverage of SIGFOX network on the coastline (up to 5 nautical miles from the coasts), allows you to use TiFiz in a lot water activities: sailing, fishing, water sports and activities.